Tunes Out

While audiences appreciate performances by singer/songwriter Tim Lesmeister, his deepest purpose is writing music that will be performed by well-known or upcoming artists who have a much broader appeal.

Tunes Out events are private and intimate concerts performed in homes or unique venues around the world. The performances feature original songs performed by Lesmeister and includes an opportunity to discuss who would be the perfect match of a specific song to a specific performer. Further, ideas and connections will be explored as these small groups of music lovers are given the opportunity to generate ways a song could get to that performer.

The Tunes Out concerts often include the unexpected, whether it is a song newly written, or a surprise musical collaboration between one of the many performers Lesmeister shares the stage with. Examples from past concert collaborations include a saxophone player in Wales who brought a soulful energy to several of Tim’s blues songs, or a North country violin virtuoso who literally made audiences weep during a protest song about the perils of immigration from impoverished countries, or the Maui musician with his electric lead guitar paired with Tim’s acoustic to give edge and depth to songs of love and loss.

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