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The first piece Tim Lesmeister penned was not so long ago when he wrote a love song for his wife and performed it on a beach on Maui. Recognizing the emotion that only a song can evoke, along with experiencing the joy and satisfaction in creating a song,  Lesmeister began to craft more original music and today performs these compositions around the world.


From Traditional to Original

Tim Lesmeister got his start in music playing traditional bluegrass tunes as a founding member of The Riverbottom Ramblers. Currently he spends his time crafting original songs and music and plays them wherever his travels take him.


Life In Song

Tim Lesmeister creates songs that tell stories,  make one think, get people to smile or bring a tear to their eye. His songs are written about life, love, emotions and all the range of experiences encompassed in a life fully lived.

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